At Fortitude Computers we sell quality refurbished Mac® computers at affordable prices right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All our Mac laptops and desktops go through a Fortitude inspection and include a FREE One Year Warranty.

If you think your Mac computer might be broken sign up for a Fortitude diagnosis and estimate for your Apple® computer repairs. We keep our repair costs low and choose only quality parts!

Instead of looking at the iStore, if you are looking to buy a reliable MacBook Pro® laptop or iPad® device let us help you find one that has everything you need for less than you might think. Buying a Mac can be affordable. Check out what we have available right now or tell us what you want.

What Makes Us Different

We call Grand Rapids, Michigan our home, and we believe in making our community stronger. That starts with providing dependable technology at affordable prices. But we take it even further. That is why we also take an active role in giving back to community focused organizations. Check out what we are about.